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New Installation

  • Import the managed solution
    • During import insure that you enable all plugin steps
  • After the import, perform a Publish All Customizations
  • Go to the Solution Configuration page
    • Enter your Bing Maps API Key
    • Click on the Save button
    • Perform a Publish All Customizations

Existing Deployment

Upgrading from 1.x

  • You must first copy or write down your Bing Maps key. It will be deleted as part of the upgrade process!
  • If you have the managed solution:
    • Uninstall the managed solution
  • If you have the un-managed solution:
    • Manually delete all components from the solution, and delete the solution
  • Follow the New Installation instructions

Upgrading from 2.x

  • Import the newest version of the solution
  • Perform a Publish All Customizations

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