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This solution uses a managed package, to simplify the install/uninstall/upgrade procces.

Chart Map 3.0

  1. Import the Chart Map solution
  2. Perform a Publish All Customizations
  3. Add your Bing Maps API Key:
  • Navigate to: Settings > Administrations > System Settings
  • On the General tab you will see a field to enter the Bing Maps API Key
  • Navigate to the Chart Map Config Entity
  • In the command bar click on Set API Key

Chart Map 2.0

  1. Import the Chart Map solution
  2. Insure all plugin steps are activated
  3. Publish All Customizations
  4. Go to the solution configuration page, and enter your Bing Maps Key (visit if you need a new key)
  5. Click the Save button
  6. Publish All Customizations

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