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CRM Chart Map 3.0 Alpha

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Released: Oct 19, 2014
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Release Notes

CRM Chart Maps 3.0 Alpha

The primary focus of version 2.0 was additional features. Version 3.0 will focus on technical and performance improvements, as well as bug fixes.

This is an alpha release and is not recommended for production use at this time.

Special Installation Instructions:

  • If upgrading from 2.x:
    • Import the new 3.0 solution
    • Perform a Publish All Customizations
    • Perform a second Publish All Customizations (this step will not be needed in the final release)
    • All your previous configuration settings should be retained
  • If performing a fresh installation:
    • Import the new 3.0 solution
    • Perform a Publish All Customizations
    • The Solution Configuration page is not functional at this time, you will need to edit the config file manually. See instructions below.

Note: At this time, any changes to any individual Map Configuration settings requires a Publish All before the changes will take effect. This step will not be necessary in the final release.

Technical Changes in 3.0:
  • Complete rewrite of client side code. Massive clean-up effort and significant technical improvements.
  • Increased parallelization. Everything that can run asynchronous, is now running asynchronously.
  • Additional pre-processing. More of the workload is now being performing when a chart is configured, which reduces overhead at runtime.
  • Map settings now stored directly in Chart entity. No more need for end users to have read permission on the Chart Map Configuration Entity.
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Removed support for older 2011 rollups. Need to confirm, but I think 2011 Rollup 8 is now the minimum supported version

New Features in 3.0:
  • New configuration option: "Show All Records". This option, if enabled, will cause the map to display all records in a view on a single map, up to a maximum of 5000. If disabled, the map will display only the records in the current page of the view. This is disabled by default. If enabled, it is HIGHLY recommended to also enable Location Caching.

Manually Editing the Configuration File
The solution configuration settings are stored in the webresource: "dd_chartMapConfig.js". This file is not part of the Chart Map solution, instead it is generated the first time you perform a Publish All after importing the solution. So you will find it in the Default Solution.

Important Note: Any incorrect modifications to this file will cause all maps to be non-functional until it is corrected, and could prevent future upgrades from working properly.
Use this sample as a reference to restore your configuration if it becomes corrupted:
var configJSON = {"BingKey":"<YOURKEYHERE>", "CenterLat":56.130366,"CenterLong":-106.346771,"ClusterRadius":30,"ConfigId":"8b31724c-8c93-42fe-af5c-6eab1ffc1ee0","EnableClustering":true,"Lang":"en-CA","Published":true,"SSL":"1","Zoom":3,"bingMapScriptUrl":"https:\/\/\/mapcontrol\/mapcontrol.ashx?v=7.0&mkt=en-CA&s=1","configVersion":2};
  • The only change required is to replace <YOURKEYHERE> with your actual Bing Maps API Key.

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