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Version 3.0 Beta released, supports CRM 2015

Mar 3, 2015 at 6:44 PM
This release took much longer than planned/expected. But the important thing is that it's here now.

This is still an early release. I was debating between calling it Beta 1 or Alpha 2. But it seems to be stable enough to warrant Beta status.

There are several important changes in this release. The most notable is that the configuration web resource has been removed. This was removed for two reasons: 1. Starting with 2013 and higher, CRM has an OOB attribute where a Bing Map API Key can be stored. And 2. The use of that web resource was the cause of many errors/bugs for users and headaches for myself.
What this change means is that 2011 is no longer supported. But we do still support all versions of 2013 and higher. Organizations still on 2011 can of course continue to use 2.x.

New deployments of this solution seem to have no issues.
Upgrading from a previous release may encounter issues. For that reason, I recommend backing up your map settings and configuration settings before deploying this release. And be prepared to manually rebuild your map settings, just in case.

If you do an upgrade or new installation, and any maps do no work. Go to the Chart Map Config pages, and make sure all fields are filled in. Then do a Publish All.

To enter your Bing Maps API Key:
  • OnPremise: Go to Settings > Administration > System Settings, under the general tab
  • OnLine: Go to Settings > Chart Map Config and click on Set API Key
Any issues you do encounter please report them here and I'll get them taken care of.