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Announcing CRM Chart Map 2.2

Display locations for ANY entity on a Bing Map inside the Chart Pane

Seamless integration of Bing Maps into CRM. Any standard CRM view can display a chart with all address locations pinned on the map.
  • Support CRM 2011 and 2013
  • On-Premise and Online
  • Multi-browser support
  • CRM for Outlook support
  • Consistent look and feel. Uses the same Bing Map Theme used by the native CRM Bing Maps

New Features in 2.x:
  • GeoLocation Caching
  • Now supports form subgrids and dashboards when "Show Chart Only" is selected
  • Dashboard support is now greatly improved
  • Now displays user friendly error when map can not load
  • Pin Clustering
  • Heat Maps
  • Now supports Custom Entities
  • Supports Custom Fields
  • Get address from Parent Entity values (through lookup fields)
  • Address fields are now configurable on a map by map basis
  • Support for OptionSetValue and Lookup field values
  • Allows multiple maps per entity
  • Much more configuration options
  • Multi-language support

Clustered Map:

Heat Map:

Configuration Page:

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